诺信测试 & 检查 to Demonstrate High Precision 检查lol菠菜软件 at SMTAI and SMT Guadalajara

明尼阿波利斯、锰- 2023年10月-诺信测试 & 检查  announces its participation in SMTAI and SMTA Guadalajara. The 公司 will showcase its state-of-the-art inspection and metrology solutions including the SQ3000™+ Multi-Function system for AOI, SPI and CMM ,以及 Quadra 7 Pro Manual X-Ray 检查 (MXI) system  在1301号和1305号展位. The events will take place at the Minneapolis Convention Center from October 9th – 12th and from Wednesday, October 25th – 26th at the Expo Guadalajara in Mexico.

The SQ3000™+ Multi-Function system is specifically designed for high-end applications including advanced packaging, mini-LED, advanced SMT and 008004/0201 SPI. This all-in-one solution delivers unmatched accuracy and high-speed inspection, incorporating an even higher resolution Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS®) sensor that effectively eliminates reflection-based distortions caused by shiny components and specular surfaces.

The Quadra 7 Pro MXI system sets a new industry standard for 3D/2D manual inspection in back-end semiconductor applications. Powered by the revolutionary Onyx® detector technology, it offers exceptional image clarity and low noise, elevating the inspection experience to new heights.

Equipped with the latest Dual Mode Quadra NT4® tube, the Quadra 7 Pro provides users with unparalleled flexibility. The innovative tube offers brightness and resolution modes, allowing operators to dynamically switch between them based on specific application requirements, providing optimal results for a wide range of inspection tasks.

The Quadra 7 Pro’s capabilities are further enhanced by the newly developed Revalution™ software tailored for high-end semiconductor applications. Boasting an intuitive interface, 优化工作流程, and expanded functionality, Revalution™ software empowers operators to efficiently analyze and interpret inspection data, facilitating faster decision-making and improved overall productivity.

For more information, visit www.诺信.com/testinspect 

关于诺信测试 & 检查

诺信测试 & 检查 offers its SMT & 半导体 customers a robust product portfolio, 包括声, Optical and both Manual and Automated X-ray 检查 systems, X-ray Component Counting systems and 半导体 measurement sensors. 诺信测试 & 检查 is uniquely positioned to serve its customers with best-in-class precision technologies, passionate sales and support teams, 全球影响力, and unmatched consultative applications expertise.


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