When you need the most efficient and effective measurement devices for semiconductor tool set-up and maintenance processes, count on lol菠菜软件, the global market leader in wireless semiconductor measurement devices for leveling, vibration, airborne-particle measurement and relative humidity.

Semiconductor fabs and OEMs value the accuracy, precision and versatility of the ReticleSense measurement portfolio to enable improvements in fab yields and equipment uptime.


Save Time & Expense

  • Improve yields and increase tool uptime
  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce resource needs
  • Speed equipment set-up, maintenance cycles, trouble-shooting, qualification and release to production
  • Speed tool optimization, stabilization and standardization
  • Streamline fab processes
  • Establish repeatable and verifiable standards

APS Technology

The APS3 technology, an extension of the proven APS, incorporates large and small particle measurement capability in the same device, and is now thinner and lighter.


The APS3 technology enables equipment engineers to shorten equipment qualification, release to production and maintenance cycles, all while reducing expenses. Customers have experiences up to 88% time savings, up to 95% reduction in costs and up to 20X the throughput with half the manpower requirements by using the APS relative to legacy surface scan wafers.


88% reduction, half the manpower


95% reduction in costs


20X Increase


ReticleSense® Auto Teaching System™ (ATSR)

  • Quickly teaches accurate wafer and reticle hand-off calibration for proper alignment and set-up of semiconductor tools.
  • “Sees” inside the tools to capture three dimensional off-set data (x, y and z) in real-time to quickly teach wafer and reticle transfer positions – all without opening the tools.
  • Conduct repeatable and reproducible setups and maintenance checks, speed trouble-shooting and eliminate technician-to-technician variation.
  • Includes CyberSpectrum™ software.
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ReticleSense® Airborne Particle Sensor™ (APSR/APSRQ)

  • Quickly monitors, identifies and enables troubleshooting of airborne particles down to
    0.14um within semiconductor process equipment and
    automated material handling systems.
  • Easily identifies when and where the particles originate
    and measures the effectiveness of cleaning adjustments and repairs in real-time.
  • Includes CyberSpectrum™ software.
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ReticleSense® Auto Multi Sensor™ (AMSR)

  • Speed equipment qualification with wireless measurements.
  • Shorten equipment maintenance cycles with reticle-like form factor.
  • Lower equipment maintenance expenses and enhance process uniformity with objective and reproducible data.
  • Includes CyberSpectrum™ software.
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